Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 2 : Weta Day 1!!!

One small normal step for Weta employees, one very large step for Moragot kind.

Today was a first of many. It was my first official day here at Weta. I can't even describe how cool it was. It was just very surreal to be walking around, seeing armor from LOTR, and meeting the people behind some of the most impressive visual effects in history. As cold as the weather was, everyone seemed cheerful, and happy to be there.

I also drove for the very first time here in New Zealand. It was weird, and yes ... I got lost on my way home at one point.

One of the major highlights was during lunch today. Not only did Weta treat me to a fantastic lunch, but I sat at a table right next to Richard Taylor and ... *drum roll* GUILLERMO DEL TORO! My mind was blown. I think it was a farewell lunch for him, so a bunch of Weta big shots were there. Thank you Marylin for taking me there! The blue nose fish was also fantastic.

At the end of the day, I took a stroll around Wellington, grabbed dinner at a really great Irish restaurant, and am now taking it easy back in my hotel room.

So day 2 was easily greater than day 1. I saw a bit less of New Zealand, and the weather was a lot worse, but just being there and meeting everyone was and experience that can not be matched.

To see all my pictures so far click here

*UPDATE* Holy crap, Yas and Joe stopped by!!! That was simply the icing on the cake today, on par with seeing Guillermo. Thank you so much you guys for stopping by to say hi.


  1. haha I have a feeling you'll see less and less of New Zealand as the days go on...

    ...and more and more of Richard Taylor! lol. Sounds like you got there just in time! Is that French Onion soup? Yum...

  2. You're probably right Ally. That's a shepard's pie. It was really really good!