Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 3 : Apartment Hunting!!!

Today began with a great way to see Wellington.

House/Apartment Hunting.

Marylin took us our and about to see our future living spaces. It was great. Every single place we were shown had that "I WANT THIS PLACE" kind of vibe. So it made things a little difficult when it came time to choose. Some were right by the beach, while others had a great view of all of Downtown from the bedroom. I ended up choosing the more inner city type place. As nice as the ocean is, and as much as I enjoyed breathing in the ocean air, I felt like I would get to know the people and the city better by living in it. Plus, I can just walk everywhere to the hundreds of shops, restaurants, and bars in the area. Not only did we get a chance to see all the different kinds of apartments, but we also got to stop at a really great Italian Cafe, a great Chocolate/Coffee shop, and a beach side dinner type place that a huge selection of food, juices, and shakes.
Yeah, this was the view from the bedroom of one of the apartments.

We also saw Peter Jackson's house.

The last half of the day was a little more laid back. We finally were fitted with a mouse and keyboard in hand, and learned how to operate the system. Tonight, I'm going to end my day with this weird can/bottle hybrid drink, and some strange chips.

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