Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 4 : Animating again!!!

Today was my first full work day.

I drove in, sat down, and did some animating. It felt great to finally be a part of this crew who have been doing such amazing work. It also felt great to be animating in general. I'm also thankful to join NOT during crunch time. No one stays late, or is stressed out. It's a good feeling. After a great Indian lunch, we even had time to hit up the ping-pong tables and get a couple games in. I apologize to my team for being the losing factor. The recreational area had a couple TV's and game consoles. A bunch of neat vintage movie posters.

And one of these for some weird reason.
So yeah, not too much to write about. I did want to go roam the city again after work, but I couldn't. This was the first day that I felt really really cold. It wasn't just the temperature either. The wind was so strong that I actually had a hard time walking to my car from work. I was looking forward to grabbing some food, but had to stay in and cook instead. Good thing the hotel is equipped with everything I need to make food. I was also thinking of trying out this nifty little washing machine that is built into the cabinets. I hear that's really common in New Zealand.

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