Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 6 : Weekend!!!

My first weekend here ...

I heard the weather was going to be horrible this weekend, but it turned out to be quite the opposite. I opened up my shades and this is what I saw.

I was so excited to go outside. Not only was it my first weekend, but it was also my first chance to go wander Wellington all by myself. It was really great. I ended up at a lot of stops on my way across town. I grabbed some Sushi for lunch, I bought some new clothes, and I felt a nice strong connection with the city for the first time. I found myself walking on auto pilot. Which is definitely a good sign.

Everyone just seemed to be really content with the luck Wellington has been having with the nice weekends.
This, by the way, is my drive to work. It's just around that mass of land. I still can't get over how beautiful it is here.
The weird part was finding places to eat on my own. I often resent picking a place, but I got lucky today. I stumbled into this Italian restaurant that was really great. I ordered a pizza and a beer, and mingled with the locals.
The pizza was made right in front of me. The dough here tastes really different I think, in a good way.

So late night here on a Saturday is a lot busier than Fridays. It was a lot of fun. Ignacio and I went to a bar called Mighty Mighty. It had two live bands playing. Both were great. I especially enjoyed "Terror of the Deep" ... or at least that's what I think they were called. It was a good slice of home honestly. The bar and the bands made everything feel a whole lot like Silverlake. From the skinny jeans to the beards.
They had a pretty awesome Indie vibe going on. I really wish they had some CD's for sale.
Mighty Mighty!
Not only did I get to experience an East LA vibe here, but I also got a late night sausage. Although it was a bunch of college kids selling it instead of Mexicans. To the Music Team ... I thank you.
This is also coming a bit late (I've almost been here a week now), but this was my first contact with NZDs. It really reminds me of Australian money.

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