Friday, October 1, 2010

Today on "While You're Asleep"

Today I pulled away from traditional mediums, and set up my Cintiq. It's October 1st now, so it's officially Horror Month (even though I start mid September anyways). Things sure are different here in Wellington. I must admit, I miss the barrage of Halloween. I miss the shops, the cotton spiderwebs, the rubber bats, and the overall spirit of Halloween. Good thing I have with me my collection of scary movies.

Today's pick was [REC]. I love love love that movie. It is, for the most part, what I want from a scary movie. I love it when at the end of the movie and I'm completely involved, with my heart racing and my nails dug deep into my palms. Plus I think I had a great first experience with the film as well.

I've done a couple sketches from this movie today, so I'll post them over the next couple days. Tonight will be Angela Vidal (Manuela Velasco). I haven't routed so hard for a "survivor girl" since Alien or Texas Chainsaw Massacre. She's also very beautiful, and is definitely a celebrity crush of mine. Anyways, I welcome 2010's Horror Month with open diseased bloody arms.


  1. Nice! The Haunted Mansion plaque is amazing!!!!!!

  2. nicewan! greetings from philippines.!!! i love manuela velasco since i was first saw her damn... i don't know what to say. she's so cute. sweet hayss i'm excited to see her on rec 4 apocalypse. !!! <3

    1. Cheers! I stopped over in the Philippines once, it was very nice. Manuela is so damn cute, I agree. Yeah, I'm a fan of the [REC] series as well. I'm glad you like the art, I really appreciate it!