Monday, July 4, 2011

Like my Father before me ...

My best friend Bridget whipped up some AMAZING custom headphones for me today. With the Rebel Alliance logo on one side, and my call sign (Rogue 2) on the other! And I even like the color.

I've been working on a personal animation piece recently, which has now become more of an animated short. It will be revealed soon with some stills from the short. So stay tuned for that.

In between coming home to do more animation and ... well that's mostly it right now, I have been doing some more drawings. I recently had a dream I saw a clip from the upcoming Dark Knight Rises film. In that dream I saw what the new catwoman would look like. I highly doubt this is what it'll look like, but I thought what mind conjured up was pretty cool. So I took some time to draw down what I saw and remembered. Here's a WIP of it, I'll post up a finished version soon.

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